Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Mum!

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The halloween Birthday Girl....

Loving the autumn leaves with Megan...

Holiday's are coming...

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... you know it's nearly Christmas when:
  • You see the Coca-Cola truck advert on TV! Saw it for the first time this year a few days ago
  • The red and green of the Remembrance Day Poppies remind you of Christmas colours
  • You have both had horrific head colds and gone through plenty of Lemsip
  • You start wondering who out of friends and family gets a present this year... ha ha times are hard!
  • You decide how many gifts you can 'make'- it's the thought that counts right?!
  • pay-day doesn't seem to come soon enough
  • You leave for work at 8..... and it's dark... and you leave to come home at 4... and it's dark...
  • the thought of John and Edward winning x-factor and being Christmas number one sends shivers down your spine
  • you see the temperature gauge in the car flash for ice, for the first time in months
  • there are lots of tacky decorations around (yes mum, like the gold singing Santa)!
  • You see Brussels sprouts and chestnuts at the supermarket in abundance
  • you remember your aversion to Christmas pudding and swiftly avoid that isle at the shops

but most importantly, you are more focused on the Saviour and the real reason for the season!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Arabian Nights...

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Just to let you know what the Urie side of our family got up to on our week long trip to Dubai...

We flew on Monday night from Heathrow Terminal 5. I know when it first opened that it got a lot of stick for being rubbish and having lots of delays etc but it was really nice! As it's only BA that fly from there it was really quiet and had some great shops to look around. Always like to have a stroll around Tiffany and Co. and look at all the sparkle!

We arrived early Tuesday morning and we were greeted by 34 degrees weather! It was only like 7am! We got taxi's to the hotel and on the journey was a fascinating place see- Mike and I decided though, that it was a place that really felt 'abroad' as obviously signs were in arabic and people were in the national emirates dress which was cool, but quite surreal at first.

Our hotel was apartments really and we were all staying in a 4 bed apartment with kitchen, living room etc. Really lovely and had a great pool (Enlgand cricketer Freddie Flintoff was staying there whilst we were and saw him lounging around the pool on a few occasions...).

Highlights of the trip were taking a trip into the middle of the desert. In big 4x4's we drove over sand dunes and watched the sun set, start gazed, camel rides and had a proper arabic evening with food and belly dancing. Was really cool and lots of fun. It was crazy just to be literally in the middle of nowehere- felt like Bear Grylls! We went ot a mosuque too which was really interesting.

We had afternoon tea at the Burj al Arab hotel. It is the only 7* hotel in the world. I felt like quite a celeb lol. Was quite a crazy hotel though as it was decorated in very bright colours but nice all the same.

We went to the Dubai Mall which is the biggest shopping mall in the world- I was in heaven! They had lots of UK shops like Topshop, New Lok and M&S and literally all designer stores I can think of- tried some Jimmy Choo's on and Manolo Blahniks... dreaming of one day owning a pair....! There was a massive aquarium in the middle of the mall so we saw that and there was a water fountain show in a massive lake that, dare I say it, was better than the Bellagio in Vegas. Lots of amazing things to do and see in Dubai.

Last main thing that we did, other than a bananna boat in the sea, was going to the Atlantis Hotel and waterpark. It is the newest hotel in Dubai and is on the man-made Palm island which can be seen from space. The water park was massive and very fun- there was a slide that went through the main aquaruim so was glass on all sides and felt like you were swimming with all of the fish. We all got rather sunburnt that day- oh well!

I would totally recommend going to Dubai to anyone- there is so much going on and is definately an up-and-coming venue. Lots of property developemt etc. I even caught mike looking at how to get an emirates visa the other morning- he thinks it would be a cool place to invest and build property for a few months. We will see....

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Our evening with the England Football Team...

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Ok, so this happened ages ago (well, June 2009) and realised that I never posted any pictures- I know my mum and sisters will want to see...
Because of my father-in-law's job and a new film that he was promoting (Goal 3), Mike, his brother Chris, father-in-law Pete and I, went to the preview for the film which was a charity event for some disbaled and ill children. The surprise for the kids was that the England football team would be there, as it's afootball film and the cinema in Watford was close to their training ground so they made a deal.
It was so surreal walking into a regular 'Vue' cinema and seeing the likes of David Beckham, John Terry, Wayne Rooney and the others. It was, for obvious reasons, the most star-struck I have ever been! Mike and I were the photographers for Metrodome so didn't really get chance to have pics with them ourselves.... :(

On the way...I was a bit too excited.... and reading Sammy's book in the!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Leather-Headers

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Well, it's been a while... so thought I would update on what has been going on recently. At the end of September we moved into a new flat in Leatherhead, Surrey. Things have been busy trying to sort it all out and arrange things (it's something I, organisation queen, like doing though so can't complain). We went on a big shop to Ikea, (gotta love it), and bought some things that our last place didn't have like a bookcase, table and chairs, and more pots and pans etc. I know everyone makes fun of the flat-packs from Ikea and the fact that the instructions are illegible, but it is so true! Mike and I spent one loooong evening trying to put it all together, having to dissemble the chairs several times as certain parts had to go in certain places. Good times.

We have ordered a sofa and for some reason unknown to us it takes 8-9 weeks for delivery?! Do they hand-make them?! So, until then we are sat on a spare duvet in the loving room. My parents are visiting on Saturday though with their big beanbag for us that we have been allowed to borrow until the sofa arrives- bless them!

I am looking forward to seeing my mum, dad and meg as last time I saw them was the weekend of Emma's wedding. It was all quite whirlwind though, for obvious reasons, so will be nice to have a fairly relaxed visit with them and we can show them the flat, the party town that is Leatherhead and where I work etc. David and Gemma should be heading over too which will be good, we can talk weddings as it is getting so much closer for them now- so excited! We will see Emma and Mark at Christmas as they are coming over for the wedding and hope to see Rachel and Ryan at some point. It's weird not knowing when you will see your siblings (the ones that live abroad anyway), but am so proud of them for setting up a totally different life. I only moved 300 miles south when I got married and I thought that took a lot of getting used to- never mind being in a totally different country and culture but they are getting on with things fine and it really impresses me.

As we have moved to a different area of Surrey we will be in a new ward- Epsom. It's in the Crawley Stake. When I was living up north and if I ever met any one at dances from Crawley, I always used to think that's soooo far down south and miles away! Well, now I know! It's a nice area to live in though so I don't mind and so far seems all good with the ward. This time we are in a ward with a building- bonus lol.

I am fully back in my 'old-new' job now. It doesn't feel like I have been away! That's quite sad isn't it?! But probably a good thing that I settled right back into it. It is so good living a 15 minute walk away from work- and with our 'trendy' low-down bed, I literally can roll right out of bed and walk to work. Mike is getting back into the Uni thing and sounds like he has lots of modules that he will enjoy. It's the final year though and I know he would rather be getting on and working but it's not long to go now and he is on the last leg. Really proud of my hunky hubbs, he is such a hard worker and manages some of the wifely duties well too- he has the dinner on the table when I'm back from work, laundry done and the bed made :)

Well, I have kind of been wittering a bit so will leave it for now. We are going on a Urie Family holiday on Monday to sunny Dubai- actually so excited! Mike keeps on checking on the weather on his iphone and is always like 'London: 12 degrees, Dubai: 37 degrees'. Going to be scorching, but we are hoping to do some pretty cool things like a desert safari and visit a mosque and the world biggest shopping mall! Will update you with those adventures when we are back... x

Friday, September 18, 2009

3 Weddings.... and no, no funeral!

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The Urie Family at Russell Carr's wedding- was such a lovely day!

We have been to three weddings in September- so many new outfits needed haha. There was Emma and Mark's on September 5th, Kent and Alia's reception on September 12th and Russ and Amy's wedding on September 26th.
Mike was best man at Russell's wedding and did a great job with the best man speech- got lots of laughs.
It was also my newly returned RM brother in-laws birthday on the 26th and the whole of the wedding party sang to him during the reception- Happy Birthday and Welcome home Rob!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Emma is married!

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Sisters! We missed Ray!!

The Family... (minus Rachel and Ryan)

Monday, August 31, 2009


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Just a little note to say what we have been up to in the last few days that we have in the US- we leave on Wednesday morning and get back Thursday morning- nice...

Mike got some football tickets from a guy at work so we went to watch Real Salt Lake vs. Chivas USA. It was funny to just see how totally different Americans take football (soccer!)- lots of little things made us laugh such as how they have to try and advertise everything all the time ('Subway' Substitutions and 'American First' Replays) and the half time things are very unlike the UK- people were dressed up in KFC food wrapping and had to 'sing for their chicken dinner'- most random!! The game was good though and the side we were there to support won 3-0 whoop!

For our last weekend we went up to Idaho and stayed at a Cabin in Island Park (aka Middle-of-nowhere-ville). It was a lovely cabin out by itself in the fields and they had quad bikes etc to roam around with. We went to Yellowstone National Park on the Saturday and the Sunday and pretty much drove the length of the park- lots of driving but beautiful views and wild animals to see. We were driving right along side a huge bison at one point which was rather awesome and saw elk and stag in the lake. We were hoping to see a bear, Mike was particularly excited about that haha, but alas no luck! Mike and I went swimming in the Firehole river- it wasn't a very warm day so were some of the only people in the water which was good. We had the convertable car back for the weekend which helped us to get a tan (or in my case a really red sunburnt nose!! It's been funny, the last two weekends we are here we get totally sunburnt!! Hope it all goes brown... quickly!!
We have had some great adventures while we have been here in the states- 3 months has just flown by! Looking forward to getting back home and going to my sisters wedding etc but things are going to be crazy busy as we find somehwere to live and I will be back to work on Monday *Sigh* Back to reality.... :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009


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Click this link for some hilarious comedy by Brian Regan. Mike and I have discovered him during our time in the States and think he is really funny!


Monday, August 24, 2009

BYU Education Week...

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I had the opportunity to go to BYU Education Week last week. My mum, sisters Rachel and Megan and the McKeens were also going. They were all goig to stay at a hotel in Provo for the week so Mike and I did the same, Mike just traveled from Provo to Salt Lake everyday for work, bless him! We didn't really want to spend time apart! :) I had been to Education Week before but when I was youth age so was glad, that now as an 'older' married woman, I could go to classes that were not about dating and High School haha!
I really enjoyed the classes that I went to. Lots on Marriage and Family which I have learnt a lot from. I thought the marriage classes would be full of 'younger newly-weds' but they mostly weren't. So just shows to me that there is room for improvement and progression at every stage we are at. There was a class on humour and finding the humour in all situations and was introduced to a Comedian called Brian Regan- I have never laughed so much! Check him out on YouTube!

My favourite speakers were Doug Brindley, Barbara Barrington Jones and of course Mr. John Bytheway (people would start queuing an hour before the start of his class- very popular)! There was a Devotional by Boyd K. Packer (which Megan fell asleep in lol) and it was cool to see so many members milling about on campus.

We went for a meal for our last night there at Brick Oven in Provo- it was Mike's birthday too!

If you ever have the chance to go I recommend that you do! I hope to be able to go again in the future...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Birthday and Bear Lake...

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Happy Birthday to my Hubby!
Mike had his 24th birthday a few days ago and as he was working on his actual birthday, and we were down in Provo for BYU Education Week, we decided we would go to Bear Lake at the weekend to properly celebrate his birthday. We hired a jet-ski (something I had never done before which I loved!) and were cruising aroud the lake for two hours. I had a few close shaves nearly falling off into the lake but super-cool Mike had no problems! We then were sunbathing and relaxing on the beach area. It was lots of fun and needless to say we are both rather sun-burnt!

On Mike's actaul birthday we went to Brick Oven Restaurant in Provo for dinner with Megan, Rachel, my mum and the McKeens, as we had all been down in Provo for Education week (something I highly recommend if you have the opportunity to attend- learnt so much)!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Fun...

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Some of the things we have been to see and do thus far on our trip...

A rainy day at Salt Lake Hogle Zoo...

On the set of 'My Girlfriend's Boyfriend' that Mike and I were extra's in...

Temple Square in Salt Lake City...

The two of us in Park City...

At the Hoover Dam...

Mike is back!!

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I collected Mike from Salt Lake Aiport just after 11.30pm last night- it had taken him basically 24 hours to get here from England. He missed a connecting flight in Houston, as his flight from Heathrow was delayed, so he bumped up to First Class and put on a direct flight to Salt Lake City, instead of having to got through Denver- whooop! He has even brought over some English treats for the McKeen's and I! Yay lol!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Things to look forward to...

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We have some family things to look forward to in the next few months! My sister Emma and her finace Mark Holness are getting married on September 5th. Mike and I get back from the US on September 3rd so I am going to be one very jet-lagged bridesmaid! I just hope I still fit into my dress... They make a good couple and will then be off to start their newlywed life in Austria, as for part of their studies they both have a year abroad working. It will be the second child that my Dad has married as a Bishop, the wedding will be 'up north'. They are going to their honeymoon in Egypt.

Mike's brother Rob gets back from his LDS Mission in Scotland at the end of September. He will be back just before his 21st Birthday (26th September) so parties all round. On Rob's birthday, one of Mike's closest friends, Russell Carr is getting married and Mike has been asked to be a best man along with Russell's younger brother Jeremy. Think Mike will crack on with his seech once the exam is over. Russ is gettin married to Amy Page, we are so excited for them 'cos we love being married!

My brother David gets married in December (29th) to his lovely fiancee Gemma. They make such a cute couple and we think that Gemma is great- she is hilariously funny! The wedding will be down south in London, so close to us in sunny surrey. They are going island-hopping in the Carribbean for their honeymoon.

Will keep you posted of any othet news. I know my mum is just wating to have grandchildren. By the end of the year with 4 children married, I wonder who will be first?!?

Missing Mike...

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Mike has gone back to England for just under a week so that he can take an exam for University. I know he was looking forward to having a little break (if you can call taking an exam a break!) from being in Utah and working full time- just wish I was with him!

I have been making several trips to Wal Mart and things to keep busyand my friend Angie just got back from her mission! I have been to the hairdressers and to get her a cell-phone and things like that so it's distracting me from missing my love- just gets lonely at bedtime... I am looking forward to Mikes return... and the Cadbury chocolate that he is bringing... :)

Friday, July 31, 2009

Rebecca Urie Fitness

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I am keen to get going with my Personal Training so have set up a site for all details about it- click the title, it will take you to the site and let me know what you think. (

Spread the word to any one you know that is interested on Personal Training or Group Exercise in the Surrey area!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Idaho... Famous Potatoes!

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On July 24th in Utah it is Pioneer Day so that meant a few things; lots of American flags going up in the streets, parades, marching bands and the like and the best one- Mike got a day off work! The McKeen's were heading up to Idaho to see their Grandma and one of their cousin's who lives up there was leaving on a mission, so we decided to go with them for the weekend.
We drove up Friday morning and made good time (having the sports car probably helped!). We went swimming in the lake that afternoon with most of the people. Mike and I made a bonfire that evening (with help from Deb) and toasted marshmallows. Janet had brought up some fireworks so they set those off in celebration of the Pioneer's! Felt like Bonfire night lol, just considerably warmer!
Saturday was really good- Mike and I went up to Rexburg to see the new temple there. It is set right up on the hill so you can't miss it. We drove around BYU-Idaho and brought back EFY memories for me and when I had stayed up there for a few weeks one summer with Angie and Kristen. Mike was less enthused and was glad he had chosen to study for a little bit at BYU in Provo rather than in Idaho- not really his kind of place...

We got back, had lunch and then got all ready to float the river. We went to one of the bridge's by the river to jump in with our inner tubes (rubber rings for all the Brits!). It was freezing!! But definitely a better way to get in then walking in bit by bit. There were some rope swings and mini-rapids on route which made it really fun- I should remember to take my contacts out though as I was just worrying that I had lost them every minute. The river took us out to the same lake we swam in yesterday, and after the river, it felt like a warm bath! So we swam a bit more there and had a spot of sun bathing.

Grandma Birds Garden:

That evening we all ate a lovely dinner, had ice cream cones and Mike and I were taught how to play croquet- a very good game indeed! They all thought it was funny that we had to travel all the way to the US to learn how to play croquet!! Mike loves it and is now looking to invest in a set, well, when we have a garden big enough to play!!

The Croquet Crew- Mike, Justin, Kristen and Shawn

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mount Timp...

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We decided to head to Timponogas Cave as neither of us had ever been. Little did we know that it closed at 4.30pm and we got there at 5.30pm! (Just our luck, these kinds of things keep hapening!) So we just had a drive through the canyon and up into the mountains. It is such a beautiful place. We had a dip in the river, it was freezing but lots of fun! We had a bet as to how deep the water was and I learnt that is was rather deep! I was like 'it won't be that deep' so just went right in- Mike was just stood on the side laughing at me wade in the river in my new jeans and have it go up to my thighs! Everyone was giving me funny looks as we were walking around as it looked like I had had an accident- nice! We saw the most HUGE ants ever, they were pretty minging tbh- so left Mike to investigate- boys will be boys!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer USA Adventures!

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Hubby and I have been in the USA since 10th June. We are staying in Farmington, UT until 2nd September. Mike has been offered an internship here for the summer with a Law firm, so is the reason for the long stay. We are staying in the basement of a family I have known for years- the McKeens-they are American but used to live over in the UK.

When we arrived it was pretty rainy and everyone was accusing us of bringing the rain with us! Now though, it has been constantly sunny and reaching temperatures up to 100 degrees f. However, when we took a weekend trip to Vegas, it got up to 111 and 112!! We were melting!

Whilst we were in Las Vegas we stayed at the MGM grand hotel (there was an offer on!). With the offer you got free Michael Buble tickets to an exclusive concert that he was performing just for the MGM guests. Here is a link to part of the concert. It was on July 4th and as Michael is Canadian it was rather amusing:

We have had an array of cars to use while we have been out here (it's been fun to learn how to drive on the other side. It's been so long since I've driven in England, it will be interesting when we get back!). The cars have belonged to the people Mike is working for so that has been great.
Our first was a little Chevy Aveo. The we had a Nissan Titan- not so good with the Petrol Mileage! Our last car is a Nissan 350z sports car. We should have this one for the remainder of the time we are here. It's been my favourite one (and Mike's!!).
We are getting used to living out here and having a lot of fun, but are both missing some English things!

First Blog!

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I have been meaing to get started with this blogging thing, and this summer, as I have more time on my hands, I have no excuse to not get started!
Mike and I will just have to make sure that we are doing enough fun things so that we have something to 'blog' about! Bear with me!!

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