Monday, May 23, 2011

Paint drying anyone...?!

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OK excuse me while I have rant - but what on earth is with all of these daft reality TV shows cropping up, where the people can't act, and quite frankly are really boring. All of this 'The only way is Essex' junk and 'Made in Chelsea' rubbish - seriously?! And another one has popped up too; 'Geordie Shore'.

Maybe it's just me and I don't get it, but is it really bad acting, a documentary, or a bit of both?? Watching someone go about their day to day life - WHY, WHY, WHY? Just go and do those things yourself... surely?! We are not big TV watchers so I do think it's all a little sad...

The Kardashians and The Hills have got a lot to answer for!

PS. if there is any one reading that does watch and enjoy - please enlighten me

In Full Bloom...

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No, not me - but our garden! (Sorry to get all elderly on you and talk about gardening, but it is looking really pretty these days).

The previous owner of our house was really into gardening in his later years and so it has been really interesting to see what has sprung this Spring / Summer. Like this crazy flower below - it looks like it is fabric and the petals are so soft and the bees seem to love it!

We finally bought a lawn mower the other week, and are just getting to grips with all that keeping a garden entails - it's practically a full time job. We are keen to do more to it though and add some decking / lights where the green house used to be,
and lay more lawn down. Any advice would be much appreciated though as we are both new to it all. It is where we have been spending the past few Saturday mornings (and soaking up that all important vitamin D of course...)

We are looking forward to my parents coming to visit and they are going to help us out (and bring the power washer - wahoo)!

The herb garden (mostly mint I do believe - smells divine)!

The hubs actually watering the grass! Who'd of thought that it would be this sunny and rain-free in England this Spring?!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

First look...

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Well, here 'it' is - first snap of Baby Urie

Just like it's Dad, as it wasn't much of a fan of having their picture taken - the back of it's head was facing us most of the time!

It was so amazing to see and to hear the baby's heartbeat. We can't stop looking at the scan picture and just keep thinking there is a little human being fully formed, just tiny, that is going to be ours to look after, nurture and teach. It is a wonderful feeling, and we are so excited for our baby to arrive when it's ready.

(I feel so awkward calling my child IT, but we won't know boy or girl until July - {I thought it would be August, but no, it's actually July} so yay even sooner).

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Family Portrait...

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When we were in Vegas we had some family pictures taken as we were all together for the first time in two years... here a just a few...

It's crazy to think that by the end of the year these photos will be out of date with the addition of baby Urie. It's so fun though to see my family growing, both on this side and on the Urie side.

I am so glad to know that families are forever :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

If I was a dwarf...

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... I would be called Sleepy!

I am so so so tired all of the time! I know there is a big reason as to why, but I thought as the weeks went by that my energy was meant to return to normal?! Fingers crossed it will.... soon. I have had to resort to taking naps at work (thanks boss) as I can't keep my eyes open, it really is crazy.

I know you appreciate your parents more and more as you move away to Uni, and get married etc but knowing my mum had a toddler and a child under one when she was pregnant with me, just amazes me - how did she do it?! Then she went on and had two more children after me - what a hero.

Here's to an increase in energy levels!!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rich Tea & Ginger Biscuits...

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... are my new found loves!

Why is this I hear you cry?! Well, we are going to be adding a new addition to Family Urie in November and the biscuits have been helping me along in the early stages (got to love an excuse to eat lots of biscuits)!!

I feel very lucky though as I haven't had sickness too badly and have still been able to exercise and work, so fingers crossed it will all run smoothly.

It will be my parents 3rd grandchild and the 1st on the Urie side so we have lots of excited Uncles, Aunties and grandparents in waiting. Our little babe is going to be very loved and we will find out in August PINK or BLUE!


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