Friday, May 31, 2013

10 Day You Challenge: 5

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Day Five: Five Foods

Wow, this is hard as I am a bit of a foodie, so I'll stick with savoury and go for...

- Anything Mexican - particularly Cafe Rio
- Sushi - so yum
- Roast dinner with Yorkshire puddings, oh yeah!
- Red Peppers - I could eat them all day long
- Eggs - my diet consists of quite a lot of eggs so I've learnt all the different ways they can be used and I can't get enough (don't worry, usually just egg whites)!

Gah, that was hard to pick. What are your five faves?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

10 Day You Challenge: 4

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Day Four: Four Books

You can't laugh at my four, I am in no way the biggest bookworm, but secular books I have enjoyed are:

- Lord of the Flies
- The Notebook
- The Alchemist
- Any thing else by Nicolas Sparks - Message in a Bottle is another fave

Monday, May 27, 2013

Trolls under the bridge

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I have seen on quite a few blogs over the past month quite a lot of trolls around. Not the kind we use to have as toys but  horrible, nasty internet trolls. People that anonymously hide behind made up profiles and leave horrible comments on blogs. Like, really horrible, personal comments. I have always known that girls can be mean. Heck, I am a girl. AND I went to Secondary School. So I fully know the reality of it. But why??

First was one I saw on The Barefoot Blonde blog. Amber from Barefoot Blonde runs a fashion
blog and somebody had created a GFC account in her name, linking to her blog and leaving comments on other fashion bloggers posts saying they looked fat and their outfits were disgusting etc. Why would somebody do this? Yes, Amber is a model with a fabulous figure and lovely locks and great style (basically I want to look like her), but is that justification enough to make her look bad and make it look like she is a horrible person? Luckily she has carried on blogging but it could really affect some people and they would stop doing it, even if it was a successful blog or not.

Another blog I follow, Chelsea Chapman, has had horrible comments anonymously written on her posts. Chelsea is also a fashion/ beauty blogger and she has had awful comments saying that she looks like a rat and saying that it doesn't matter what she wears, she will still look disgusting. I ask again, why? I am pretty sure it is females doing this, to other females. Men wouldn't care and are never as nasty with words. So women of they world, why, why why??

I am going to make sure that when I comment on blogs I keep being positive and hopefully uplifting so that other bloggers will want to carry on writing and posting their individual posts. Who is with me?

One of the things I really like about blogging is that they are all different. And that is because WE are all different. That's a good thing by the way! Don't be afraid to wear the outfits you want to wear, write the posts you want to post or share the photos you want to share.

Whoever these trolls are, they are obviously afraid to be who they are.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Town or Country Mouse

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Ever since reading the book as a little girl, I have often wondered if I was a town mouse or a country mouse. I have always lived in small towns so have had the best of both, being close to countryside in one direction and cities in another.

We recently spent the day at my in-laws down in Kent and despite the freezing weather we were determined to be outside, get some vitamin D and release my inner country mouse!

We played a little bit of football and picked some berries. Then we fed the horses next door and I had my first ever go at clay-pigeon shooting. Shocking, is all I can say. The hubs however is a natural, it seems.

So what do you prefer, town or country?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

All about: Being a Brit

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 I saw a picture on Pinterest the other day that stated come 'Very British Problems' - I thought it was really funny so I thought I would share some little gems, that I think make this lovely little isle what it is, especially with the recent St. George's Day...

- Saying 'thank you' after a parking warden has given you a parking ticket
- Answering the phone by saying your phone number, instead of hello
- Being indifferent towards marmite
- Someones cat meowed during the two minute silence, they were alone but had never felt more embarrassed
- Loving a good, orderly queue
- Apologising for not smoking when someone asks you for a light
- Accidentally pressing the stop button on the bus, but instead of explaining to the bus driver what you happened, you get off the bus and walk the rest of the journey
- Someone browsing the food in the supermarket where you want to look so you pretend to look at something else, that you don't need or want, until they are finished
- When an american family says you can help yourself to anything in their fridge / cupboards - this goes against everything we know
- Sitting down to watch a nature documentary but turning it off as soon as David Attenborough isn't the narrator
- Having no idea how to respond to 'what's up?'
- The M&S food queue moves too fast for those people that can't deicde if they want to add Percy Pigs to their basket
- Arriving at a roundabout at the same time other drivers from other directions. Awkward...
- Having a hair cut and the haridresser asks 'Is that alright?'. You nod. It isn't.
- Phoning a US customer support team for your NetFlix and hanging up on them as they are obviously being sarcastic. Who is that overly polite?

and for all the Brit 90's kids - this made me smile :)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Silent Sunday

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SocialPix - LoveAllBlogs

Friday, May 17, 2013

AAU: Giveaway!

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Its that time again, when I have some fabulous skin cream up for grabs for two lucky winners. I am a massive fan of Alokui - myself and the fam use it regularly. I am also an ambassador for the brand so basically, I want everyone to know how great it is!

It is completely organic and contains... 

- KuKui Nut Oil for skin healing
- Wheat Germ Oil for skin cure
- Allantoin for cell renewal
- Aloe Vera for skin soothing

It is great for all the family, can be used as a normal day moisturiser cream, hand cream, after-sun... the list goes on! It even works wonders on my little one, as a nappy rash cream. I really like it as it isn't not a greasy cream and really absorbs deep into the skin.

You can check out more about Alokui and visit my eBay shop to buy some HERE. (If you aren't on eBay or want to purchase some Alokui after entering the giveaway, you can email me to order some at . If you quote 'AAU Blog' you will get £1.00 off a 40ml tube or £2.00 off a 250ml bottle).

But onto the giveaway - to enter to win one of the two 40ml tubes up for grabs, just complete the Rafflecopter below and complete as many of entries as you fancy - you have until 1st June.

Good luck lovely people!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

10 Day You Challenge: 3

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Day Three: Three Films

I LOVE watching films and have a very mixed taste but three that I like that are all different genres are:

- The Notebook - makes me cry every time. Noah is the perfect guy in this.
- Anchorman - so random. So very random.
- Gladiator - a fantastic film. I go through all sorts of emotions watching it; tears, anger, joy...

I would  obviously recommend watching these if you haven't before!

What are three that you love?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

10 Day You Challenge: 2

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Day Two: Two Songs

- Right now one of my faves is Beck Goldsmith's 'I Vow to Thee my Country'

- An oldie but a goodie - Green Day's Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

All about: The Extreme Job Hunter

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This is Dan.

He is 27.

He is ginger.

He is looking for a job.

He is the extreme job hunter.

I met Dan several years back when I was at University in Leeds, as was he, and we became pretty good friends. He cracked me up straight away at a party, trying to fit fitting into a child's super man costume. He always had a great sense of humour and he is very creative and unique, so when I saw that he had labelled himself 'The Extreme Job Hunter' and has made his CV into a Top Trump card, in order to land himself a good job, I couldn't help but smile.

Check out his crazy stunts in order to get himself a job HERE.

So far he has:

- He has made a little video resume featuring his daughter...

- Put himself up for auction on eBay...

- Started a competition for anyone that can help him find a job. If something you do leads to him receiving a job he will buy you an iPad mini with his first pay check

- Made a pinnate, filled it with sweets and enclosed his CV in it and then sent into an office

- What's next??

Lets face it, if I was an employer, these unique and fun ways of applying for a job would really  impress me - it would certainly help to make him stand out from the rest of the usual black and white CVs. And his background is in advertising / social media so he would be a perfect fit for a job like that - surely??

Can you help my mate Dan?

If so email: or you can follow him on Twitter @xtremejobhunter - you would win an ipad mini so think its definitely worth a try... right?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

All about: Love Languages

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I first heard about 'The Five Love Languages' quite a while back at a friends bridal shower. One other guest's piece of advice was to read the five love languages book. I never gave much thought to until recently when I saw on a blog ideas for cheap / free date nights and activities  One was to take the love languages test with your other half and then see what you both prefer and then work on using it in daily life. (If you're not in a relationship you can still take the test I think there are just different questions).

The website to take the test is

The 'Love Language' is just a way that you prefer to be shown love and having an understanding of what you and your other half prefer can really help how you express love to one another. You can also take the test as a parent to find out your child's love language which I think is a brilliant idea. Don't just tell them you love them if they would actually appreciate receiving a gift or you doing something else for them, rather than words.

The five Love Languages are:

- Acts of Service: appreciates the small things that are done for them, as surprises or not
- Physical Touch: not just the bedroom, but holding hands and cuddles, just being close
- Words of Affirmation: just as it sounds, being actually told you are loved and appreciated
- Receiving Gifts: doesn't necessarily mean just material 'stuff' but you feel that you are shown love when someone has taken the time out to make or get a gift for you that they know you will love
- Quality Time: exactly as it sounds, spending good time together

Before we answered the questions we guessed what we thoughts each others love language would be, and what we thought our own would be. I thought the hubs love language would be quality time, he thought his would be acts of service and he thought mine would be receiving gifts....! (To be fair, I thought that would be my preference too...)

It turned out that I was right, the hubs love language is Quality Time but mine came out to be Words of Affirmation. So I prefer to be told I'm loved and appreciated and he prefers that I just spend time with him and do something fun and meaningful together. In fact, you get a break down of how much you scored for each and we were pretty much opposite to each other, words didn't feature very highly for him at all. Likewise, quality time for me - I just prefer to be told I'm amazing and get given stuff haha. Maybe it's a male / female thing too??

I think this concept is brilliant and hopefully will help to strengthen our relationship even more. AND as we took the quiz together he knows that he can't use the excuse that I 'should just know' I am loved - above all else I like to be told.

What do you think your love language would be?

Sunday, May 5, 2013

All about: Chatham Dockyard

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A few weeks ago we took a little trip to Chatham (yes, such a destination I know) and we went to the dockyard as there was a special transport weekend there. I was constantly thinking how much my dad would have enjoyed it as he's a bit of a fan of trains. We showed Max the trains and different cars, horses and lifeboats. He was interested until they rode past and honked their horns!

It was also the place that was used for the opening scene of the 'Les Miserables' film - 'look down' anyone??

Thursday, May 2, 2013


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Have you ever made (or tried to make) cake pops? I went through quite a phase of making them and trying different shapes, styles and sizes. I got the hang of it but I find them really time consuming. As someone that insists on making cakes from scratch (no Betty Crocker for me thanks), it is a lengthy process to make the cake, wait for it to cook, then cool, then you crumble it, mix the frosting, make the shapes, wait to set and so on. 

I know its my own fault, I could just buy a ready made cake but I have come up with a quick way to make some cake pops. Thing is though, they aren't cake... they're cookies! Hence, 'Cheat-Pops'. They are really quick, need very few ingredients and are really yummy. They can be made in all different varieties too. I recently made some for a friends baby-shower and they went down a treat.


You will need:

- Around 300g sandwich cookies / biscuits - I used Oreos but something like Bourbon or Custard Creams would work well too.
- Approx. 250g cream cheese - I used chocolate cream cheese as its easier to trick my husband in to eating 'cheese' or you could even use Nutella
- 200g chocolate, for melting - I used white but whatever is your preference 
- Sprinkles / Decorations (optional)

What to do:

- In a food processor mix the biscuits until they are fine crumbs. If you don't have a food processor or want the kinds to get involved then a zip-lock bag and a rolling pin works well too.

- Put the cookie crumbs in a bowl and mix in the cream cheese or nutella. I find it easier mixing with my hands.

- Make sure to have a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper (baking parchment) and then roll out balls with the cookie mixture, as big or small as you want them. This recipe can make up to 20 small ones or about 15 bigger ones.

- Put the tray with the cookie balls in the freezer for 15 minutes.

- When the time is up, melt the chocolate.

- Dip the end of the lolly sticks into the chocolate

- Then dip the cookie balls into the melted chocolate, using the stick. I find using a tall glass to melt the chocolate in really helps when you want to coat the balls.

- Let any excess chocolate drip off in the chocolate bowl.

- Sprinkle with decorations if you are doing so and then leave to set in a mug / glass / cake pop holder.

- Wait for them to dry and then you are good to go - easy as that!

Hope you enjoy making (and eating) 'Cheat-Pops'! They also make cute gifts if you wrap cellophane bags around the pop and tie with a ribbon...


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