Monday, August 31, 2009


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Just a little note to say what we have been up to in the last few days that we have in the US- we leave on Wednesday morning and get back Thursday morning- nice...

Mike got some football tickets from a guy at work so we went to watch Real Salt Lake vs. Chivas USA. It was funny to just see how totally different Americans take football (soccer!)- lots of little things made us laugh such as how they have to try and advertise everything all the time ('Subway' Substitutions and 'American First' Replays) and the half time things are very unlike the UK- people were dressed up in KFC food wrapping and had to 'sing for their chicken dinner'- most random!! The game was good though and the side we were there to support won 3-0 whoop!

For our last weekend we went up to Idaho and stayed at a Cabin in Island Park (aka Middle-of-nowhere-ville). It was a lovely cabin out by itself in the fields and they had quad bikes etc to roam around with. We went to Yellowstone National Park on the Saturday and the Sunday and pretty much drove the length of the park- lots of driving but beautiful views and wild animals to see. We were driving right along side a huge bison at one point which was rather awesome and saw elk and stag in the lake. We were hoping to see a bear, Mike was particularly excited about that haha, but alas no luck! Mike and I went swimming in the Firehole river- it wasn't a very warm day so were some of the only people in the water which was good. We had the convertable car back for the weekend which helped us to get a tan (or in my case a really red sunburnt nose!! It's been funny, the last two weekends we are here we get totally sunburnt!! Hope it all goes brown... quickly!!
We have had some great adventures while we have been here in the states- 3 months has just flown by! Looking forward to getting back home and going to my sisters wedding etc but things are going to be crazy busy as we find somehwere to live and I will be back to work on Monday *Sigh* Back to reality.... :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009


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Click this link for some hilarious comedy by Brian Regan. Mike and I have discovered him during our time in the States and think he is really funny!


Monday, August 24, 2009

BYU Education Week...

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I had the opportunity to go to BYU Education Week last week. My mum, sisters Rachel and Megan and the McKeens were also going. They were all goig to stay at a hotel in Provo for the week so Mike and I did the same, Mike just traveled from Provo to Salt Lake everyday for work, bless him! We didn't really want to spend time apart! :) I had been to Education Week before but when I was youth age so was glad, that now as an 'older' married woman, I could go to classes that were not about dating and High School haha!
I really enjoyed the classes that I went to. Lots on Marriage and Family which I have learnt a lot from. I thought the marriage classes would be full of 'younger newly-weds' but they mostly weren't. So just shows to me that there is room for improvement and progression at every stage we are at. There was a class on humour and finding the humour in all situations and was introduced to a Comedian called Brian Regan- I have never laughed so much! Check him out on YouTube!

My favourite speakers were Doug Brindley, Barbara Barrington Jones and of course Mr. John Bytheway (people would start queuing an hour before the start of his class- very popular)! There was a Devotional by Boyd K. Packer (which Megan fell asleep in lol) and it was cool to see so many members milling about on campus.

We went for a meal for our last night there at Brick Oven in Provo- it was Mike's birthday too!

If you ever have the chance to go I recommend that you do! I hope to be able to go again in the future...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Birthday and Bear Lake...

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Happy Birthday to my Hubby!
Mike had his 24th birthday a few days ago and as he was working on his actual birthday, and we were down in Provo for BYU Education Week, we decided we would go to Bear Lake at the weekend to properly celebrate his birthday. We hired a jet-ski (something I had never done before which I loved!) and were cruising aroud the lake for two hours. I had a few close shaves nearly falling off into the lake but super-cool Mike had no problems! We then were sunbathing and relaxing on the beach area. It was lots of fun and needless to say we are both rather sun-burnt!

On Mike's actaul birthday we went to Brick Oven Restaurant in Provo for dinner with Megan, Rachel, my mum and the McKeens, as we had all been down in Provo for Education week (something I highly recommend if you have the opportunity to attend- learnt so much)!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Fun...

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Some of the things we have been to see and do thus far on our trip...

A rainy day at Salt Lake Hogle Zoo...

On the set of 'My Girlfriend's Boyfriend' that Mike and I were extra's in...

Temple Square in Salt Lake City...

The two of us in Park City...

At the Hoover Dam...

Mike is back!!

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I collected Mike from Salt Lake Aiport just after 11.30pm last night- it had taken him basically 24 hours to get here from England. He missed a connecting flight in Houston, as his flight from Heathrow was delayed, so he bumped up to First Class and put on a direct flight to Salt Lake City, instead of having to got through Denver- whooop! He has even brought over some English treats for the McKeen's and I! Yay lol!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Things to look forward to...

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We have some family things to look forward to in the next few months! My sister Emma and her finace Mark Holness are getting married on September 5th. Mike and I get back from the US on September 3rd so I am going to be one very jet-lagged bridesmaid! I just hope I still fit into my dress... They make a good couple and will then be off to start their newlywed life in Austria, as for part of their studies they both have a year abroad working. It will be the second child that my Dad has married as a Bishop, the wedding will be 'up north'. They are going to their honeymoon in Egypt.

Mike's brother Rob gets back from his LDS Mission in Scotland at the end of September. He will be back just before his 21st Birthday (26th September) so parties all round. On Rob's birthday, one of Mike's closest friends, Russell Carr is getting married and Mike has been asked to be a best man along with Russell's younger brother Jeremy. Think Mike will crack on with his seech once the exam is over. Russ is gettin married to Amy Page, we are so excited for them 'cos we love being married!

My brother David gets married in December (29th) to his lovely fiancee Gemma. They make such a cute couple and we think that Gemma is great- she is hilariously funny! The wedding will be down south in London, so close to us in sunny surrey. They are going island-hopping in the Carribbean for their honeymoon.

Will keep you posted of any othet news. I know my mum is just wating to have grandchildren. By the end of the year with 4 children married, I wonder who will be first?!?

Missing Mike...

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Mike has gone back to England for just under a week so that he can take an exam for University. I know he was looking forward to having a little break (if you can call taking an exam a break!) from being in Utah and working full time- just wish I was with him!

I have been making several trips to Wal Mart and things to keep busyand my friend Angie just got back from her mission! I have been to the hairdressers and to get her a cell-phone and things like that so it's distracting me from missing my love- just gets lonely at bedtime... I am looking forward to Mikes return... and the Cadbury chocolate that he is bringing... :)

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