Friday, May 25, 2012

More Adventures...

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Max - London Town - Our sitting up boy - Scavenger Hunt - My champ and I


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I've never been a particular girly girl. I mean, I can count the number of times I've had my nails done on one hand, but I have always had an obsession with one girly thing; shoes. It must have stemmed from dressing up in my mums heels when I was younger (I even cracked my spine once from walking on the wall in our garden in them). So, when I heard there was going to be a Louboutin exhibition at the Design Museum I booked my tickets straight away...
It was really interesting, celebrating 20 years of the man. There was a pair that he designed for Miss Piggy and a pair of point ballet shoes with a stiletto heel that were amazing. It was all about him, the shoes and the design process an inspiration - did you know the whole red heel thing was a fluke?! I must own a pair one day!!

6 months...

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Out little man is very nearly 6 months! If the next 6 months go as quickly as the past 6 have, it will be Christmas before I know it! He weighs over 20lbs now and is in the 90th centile for height and weight! (Why am I surprsed though, look at the size of Mike and I). He ahs starte on solid foods now and it is so fun to see his reaction to things and though it feels like you are constantly feeding him, I am quite enjoying it.
He is a very happy boy and loves to laugh and smile. Its so fun seeing his personality come out - he is generally chilled out but doesn't like too many people around or loud noises (maybe its an oldest child thing as theres just mummy and daddy at home)?!


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Family U have had a lot of adventures out and about recently... We went to Kew Gardens (on quite an unfortunately miserable day)
Mummy and Max took a trip north on the train to visit Grandma and Grandad (aswell as Aunties Meg and Emma, Uncle Mark and Harrison). My sister in law and nephew, Georg,e also came with us so we had a great time all girls together. We did a spot of shopping, playing with the babies and had a girls night out - dessert at Bettys and then went for mocktails. I really do miss my sisters.
It was George's blessing so we all went to the newly refurbed Hyde Park chapel. It was a lovely day and we drove to London in a record 35 mins! It still amazes me how close to London I live. We were walking into the chapel and saw a taxi pull up right outside. And then some people I recognised stepped out - President and Sister Woodward! He was the Leeds mission president when Mike was on his mission and when I was a student in Leeds, I was in their ward and saw them quite regularly. Such a blast from the past. We tried to send them our wedding invite but it came back as returned post as we must have had the wrong address, so they never knew until a few weeks ago that we got married. They saw me first and remembered me and then they saw 'Elder Urie'. It was great to see them, I know Mike was especially pleased and they of course got to meet our little Max.
Emma, Mark and Harrison came to stay at ours that weekend and we ate good food, watched movies and played mini golf. It was so cute seein how Harrison is with Max - he has mastered being gentle with him and he just wanted to hug him all the time - too cute.

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