Thursday, September 20, 2012

Box Hill...

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We are lucky to live by a lot of green and lovely land so Max and I recently took a trip to Box Hill. The Olympic Road Race route went through it so it's a hotspot for lots of cyclists. Even when we went on a Wednesday in the middle of the day, there were a lot of cyclists around!

It has such amazing views and we wandered around (must remember it is not very pram-friendly in future)! It also confirmed to me that Autumn is on its way. I feel robbed though as we hardly had a proper summer. Oh well, it means it will soon be the festive season :)

Built to last...

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There is nothing quite like a well built toy - this little trolley has been used for 27 years and was first used by Mr U. He got all sentimental as he saw his little boy using the same thing that he did all those years ago... And the little guy was loving it!

(I can't wait for him to walk properly, he is seriously super heavy to carry)!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Time for a Rant...

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I saw this online this morning and it really got me angry!

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints I think it is so unfair that whenever Brandon Flowers (The Killers lead singer) is interviewed, he is always picked on for being a member of the church. Like he says in the interview, all of the band aren't Mormon and he is there to promote his music. It must be so frustrating.

What also really annoyed me was Richard Dawkins. What a pleb. If he was interviewing Amir Khan (GB boxer) would he attack him for being Muslim and lay into the Qu'ran? Is Dame Judi Dench attacked for being a Quaker each time she is interviewed? The tennis Williams sisters for being Jehovas Witnesses? NO, exactly! Then WHY does Brandon Flowers always have to answer about his beliefs?

Dawkins also didn't have a clue what he was on about. He said that the Book of Mormon doesn't sound like 19th century language which means its obviously fake because Joseph Smith wouldn't have talked like that. Of course it doesn't sound like 19th century language - its ANCIENT language. Joseph Smith translated the ancient golden plates that become the Book of Mormon.

I think Brandon said it right, that it is a misunderstood religion - if you want to find out the truth, speak to a member of the church or visit: or

Annnnd, breath...!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Time Out...

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The little one is napping and I seem to have some time on my hands. Recently I have been really busy (or at least it seems that way, as I couldn't really say what I have been busy with). Anyway, I am going to have a chill out and blog.

At the weekend we saw Mr U's family as we hadn't seen them for a few weeks. Wr just stayed over on Friday night and left Saturday afternoon. Mike and I went to the Outlet shopping centre over there and the grandparents watched Max. He got to try out Grandad U's motorbike and everything. He was so scared when anyone put on a motorbike helmet though, seriously sad face. He was full of cold at the weekend (and still is!) so was generally quite an unhappy bunny :(

We would have loved to be up at my parents though as my dad was released on Sunday as Bishop of the Harrogate ward. He has faithfully served for 5 1/2 years and we would have loved to have been there to hear both of my prents speak. I know that they (and we) have received many blessings through his service. The new bishop, was my bishop whn I was a student in Leeds so this will be his second time! He and his family moved to my parents ward a year or so ago.
I went up to London in the week to see Billy Elliot. My friend Hailey's fiancee gets free tickets to all sorts of things as he is in the armed forces and he had surprise booked tickets for her and a friend to go to and I was chosen as the friend. It was great to see her and get excited about her wedding in December and to see the show of course.
I am throwing Hailey a bridal shower and I have loved planning it. I don't know if its because of the wonderful invention that is Pinterest that inspires me, but I think I've missed a trick in vocation - I love planning events! In my Stake Primary calling we have an upcoming Talent Show activity and I am loving planning out the day and crafting decorations for it. Maybe it's just a sign of getting old ;)
We are looking forward to lots of upcoming adventures and to go on holiday, though Mr U and I won't be going together! He is going to Abu Dhabi with his dad and 2 of his brothers for the F1 race. Max and I will be going to Las Vegas to see my sister and her family there. I am so excited it is getting a bit ridiculous. We skype from time to time and email back and forth, but when we are together it feels like we haven't been apart - I love my sisters!

Monday, September 10, 2012

September so far...

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Well, if it is September (already?!) then it means Max is 9 now 9 months old. He loves to crawl at super speed and think when I am come after him to get him dressed etc is a game, so crawls off even quicker. He climbs up the stairs so we recently invested in a stairgate (thank you eBay) and he walks along our sofas holding on the front. He is getting a lot more light blonde hair and as you can see in the pic, is starting to curl up (especially around his ears). Max has such an infectious laugh and is so smiley - everyone always comments on it. He loves the bath and splashing around and to play the piano with daddy.

We were lucky enough to be given some tickets to some of the Paralympic games last Friday evening so we saw some great events (Oscar Pistorius' 400m heat being my highlight ;) and there was a medal ceremont for a British athlete so we got to sing our National Anthem in the stadium - it was great!

Going to the Olympic Park means of course a trip to Westfield....

Can you believe this was made out of Jelly Belly's in John Lewis??

In order to get some extra spending money for our upcoming holiday  I have been spending my week delivering phone books! Wow, it is so boring. But I have literally been walking or miles and miles so I'm just thinking of the calories ;)

Monday, September 3, 2012


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I figured out how to get my instagram pictures... yay!

My sleepy little man... I must have made him wait too long for his food!

How I roll....

Eastbourne Beach on Mr U's birthday

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...

The birthday cake...

Raspberry picking...

Hotel Chocolat... mmmmm....


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