Tuesday, May 17, 2011

If I was a dwarf...

Shared by Rebecca U at 3:03 PM
... I would be called Sleepy!

I am so so so tired all of the time! I know there is a big reason as to why, but I thought as the weeks went by that my energy was meant to return to normal?! Fingers crossed it will.... soon. I have had to resort to taking naps at work (thanks boss) as I can't keep my eyes open, it really is crazy.

I know you appreciate your parents more and more as you move away to Uni, and get married etc but knowing my mum had a toddler and a child under one when she was pregnant with me, just amazes me - how did she do it?! Then she went on and had two more children after me - what a hero.

Here's to an increase in energy levels!!!


Maureen Hooson said...

LOL! and you were my 'tired' pregnancy - I wonder if that's related :) It's all worth it tho. Love you xx

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