Thursday, February 14, 2013

That time of year...

Shared by Rebecca U at 10:11 AM
... when awards ceremonies are here, there and everywhere. There are the Brit Awards coming up, the Oscars and of course The MAD's (Mum and Dad Blog Awards).

I did a post here about The MAD's and I asked for a cheeky nomination - well, thank you to those of you that did nominate me - I am in the running! So thrilled. I now just need as many votes as I can, to get into the final. The final 4 from each category go to a posh do and the winner is announced there. There are so many wonderful blogs about that I just feel honoured to even have one nomination.

You can vote for me by clicking the badge below:

MAD Blog Awards

My blog (All about U... is eligible to be voted in: Best New Blog, Best Family Life Blog and Best Blog - so whatever you think this little blog deserves.

Thank you heaps x

Here is a video from the lovelies at the MAD Blog awards that I thought I would share.

These are some of the British Blogs I like, so go check them out: 3 Children and It, The Ar-BlogProudMuma, Musings from a Mum and Cathy Bussey.


Anna Nuttall said...

Hi Ooh good luck, I have put a vote in for you so i'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you. xx

Anna Nuttall said...

Hi sorry i just noticed you are from surrey, where about from surrey as i'm from there as well (but more toward london, but still can enjoy the countryside). You can send me an email if you don't want to say out loud where you from as i won't reveled it: xx Off course you don't have to tell me, it just nice there a blogger from Surrey. xx

Rebecca U said...

Hi Anna, thanks for your vote! I live near Epsom, how about u? X

Anna Nuttall said...

Hey, Sorry I was going through some old post and I just saw this. I live near there now as I recently moved, I moved into the new build by the station. It just nice to have a blogger so close to where I live. Email me and I can tell you exactly. *shrug* I don't want you think i'm a stalker - sorry I don't mean to be creepy. xx

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