Tuesday, November 9, 2010

50 years young...

Shared by Rebecca U at 8:03 AM
At the end of the month we had most of my family come down to stay with us for my mum's birthday. We didn't know if everyone would be able to make it as Megan was in hospital for a few days before, but Meg and my mum were able to make it. We went out for chinese food on the saturday evening and then returned for X-Factor and ice cream! Mum's birthday was on the Sunday so we all went to church and then headed over to Mike's parents in kent for Sunday lunch. It was fun having my parents visit my ward and apparently the family resemblance is still going strong with people asking my mum straight away "Are you Becky's mum?".

It was great to my family, though missed my two preggers sisters Ray and Ed. Bring on April where we will all be in Las Vegas together for the first time in ages (plus the two new babes)!


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