Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Shared by Rebecca U at 8:20 AM
One reason, among many, why I can't wait for our new kitchen to be fitted, is so that I can get baking again. I really want to hone my sills and I would love to one day be a baking extrordinaire and make wedding cakes etc.

I have a new love for Cake Pops. I saw them on my sisters blog as someone made them for her baby shower. They are straight forward to make and then you can decorate them how you like! www.bakerella.com has some great decorating ideas and instructions on how to make, but it's basically cake and frosting mixed together. I will post some pics when I get my kitchen and can get baking!

I wanted to make some Halloween ones for my mum's birthday birthday, but we didn't have a fridge :(


Liane and Steve said...

i LOVE bakerella! I am still trying to perfect the cake pop! xxx

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