Sunday, June 2, 2013

18 months...

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18 months. How time has flown. Max is such a lovely little blonde boy and we love him and his sweet personality so much. Here is what he is up to and looking like, these days...

Wee man got a hair cut! (and I like to think I'm getting slightly better at styling boy hair)

One of his favourite things to do right now - go and feed the ducks whilst shouting 'dack' (he sounds so southern... nooooo!)

Concentrating on his art work

He loves colouring with felt-tips and making a general mess

Look at me draw!

Real guys wear pink..
Posing and running around. Everywhere.

Daddy still has his heart set on him being an F1 driver...

He always makes me laugh

Daddy was on lunch duty whilst I was taking a nap - chocolate??

Playing it through...

Can time please slow down a little bit please??


Rosie said...

Max is so cute! This'll be such a lovely post to look back on in a few years time :)

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