Friday, May 24, 2013

Town or Country Mouse

Shared by Rebecca U at 9:00 AM
Ever since reading the book as a little girl, I have often wondered if I was a town mouse or a country mouse. I have always lived in small towns so have had the best of both, being close to countryside in one direction and cities in another.

We recently spent the day at my in-laws down in Kent and despite the freezing weather we were determined to be outside, get some vitamin D and release my inner country mouse!

We played a little bit of football and picked some berries. Then we fed the horses next door and I had my first ever go at clay-pigeon shooting. Shocking, is all I can say. The hubs however is a natural, it seems.

So what do you prefer, town or country?


Lyndsay Gardner said...

I'm a mix of both! I was brought up in a village but now live in a city. I go through phases, I love my flat in the city but sometimes just need to clear my head and go back to my parents where it's tranquil and peaceful.
As soon as I've been there too long though I miss the busy city! Best to just have a bit of both in my book :)

Lyndsay xx

Natalie Ray said...

Country all the way! ;)

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