Tuesday, May 21, 2013

All about: Being a Brit

Shared by Rebecca U at 9:30 AM
 I saw a picture on Pinterest the other day that stated come 'Very British Problems' - I thought it was really funny so I thought I would share some little gems, that I think make this lovely little isle what it is, especially with the recent St. George's Day...

- Saying 'thank you' after a parking warden has given you a parking ticket
- Answering the phone by saying your phone number, instead of hello
- Being indifferent towards marmite
- Someones cat meowed during the two minute silence, they were alone but had never felt more embarrassed
- Loving a good, orderly queue
- Apologising for not smoking when someone asks you for a light
- Accidentally pressing the stop button on the bus, but instead of explaining to the bus driver what you happened, you get off the bus and walk the rest of the journey
- Someone browsing the food in the supermarket where you want to look so you pretend to look at something else, that you don't need or want, until they are finished
- When an american family says you can help yourself to anything in their fridge / cupboards - this goes against everything we know
- Sitting down to watch a nature documentary but turning it off as soon as David Attenborough isn't the narrator
- Having no idea how to respond to 'what's up?'
- The M&S food queue moves too fast for those people that can't deicde if they want to add Percy Pigs to their basket
- Arriving at a roundabout at the same time other drivers from other directions. Awkward...
- Having a hair cut and the haridresser asks 'Is that alright?'. You nod. It isn't.
- Phoning a US customer support team for your NetFlix and hanging up on them as they are obviously being sarcastic. Who is that overly polite?

and for all the Brit 90's kids - this made me smile :)


Natalie Ray said...

With you on the David Attenborough one... not so much the Percy pigs- that's no decision at all, of course they're going in my basket! (the veggie ones for me though!)

Vicki TBB said...

I love the 'accidentally pressing the stop button on the bus, and walking the rest of the way' - I have done this! Took me an extra half an hour to get home :-(

Cupcake Crazy Gem said...

Haha I love this! I'm a Brit living in Canada right now and the other day I was telling my Canadian friend how sometimes when I try to get off the bus and the door doesn't automatically open I am grateful for overly loud Canadians who yell 'back door driver' down the bus so he opens it for me! She asked me what happens when the other passengers aren't paying attention, I told her I just wait 'til the next stop to get off and she just shook her head at me like 'you crazy English person'! Plus I love that 90s kids quote - soooo true!

Rebecca U said...

Thanks for your comments ladies - they make my day :) x

appletoothpaste said...

i love things like this, especially as i live abroad these days, and i am always getting told off for constantly apologising and saying thank you at every single moment, british politeness is such a stereotype but its so true! x

Anonymous said...

Love this post. It makes me smile as I can relate to a lot of it! Not so much saying thank you to the parking warden though, I am partial to a little rant instead :-)

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